Monday, March 15, 2010

Vintage Art: 1934 Indian Motorcycles Tin Sign

I like the motorbike. I like vintage rides :-) but I'm more attracted to the color yellow here :-). This should be the mustard yellow. Well, looks like mustard paste for sure. I was thinking of having a bag in this color. I hope I can find one soon. Something different from my usual gray, black and brown.

1934 Indian Motorcycles

Fine Art: Field of Poppies

Having a long winter makes me really miss flowers. Actually I started to like the colors of winter, at least for photography purposes, but I think there's nothing compared to the colors of spring and summer. Love flowers. Let there be flowers soon!

Field of Poppies

Decorative Art: Tango Valentino

I love the color combination on this one. It's a stand out. I was looking into someone's work last time and his paintings were having this kind of appeal. I was thinking, if you have a house which is having some dark elements inside like dark woods, this would be perfect.

Tango Valentino

Photography: Windows and Flowers Line the Canals of San Marco

Beautiful! It won't be too long anymore when the neighborhood balconies will be full of flowers. It's like competition who would have the most beautiful balcony :-). I like that always. It makes the surrounding really pretty. It's been actually late this year. Winter is staying too long.

Windows and Flowers Line the Canals of San Marco, Venice, Italy

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vintage Art: Havana

Today, I have something with guys wearing suit and faceless :-). This one just reminds me of that film The Tailor of Panama. There was a scene with Pierce Brosnan that exactly looks like this. It's been a long time so I could be wrong. Miss watching movies. Everyone's talking about these 3d films that I can't watch here. Hopefully, I'll be lucky with the upcoming Tim Burton's Alice.


Fine Art: The Son of Man, 1964

I really thought I featured this already. Been using this as my avatar in twitter and facebook without realizing it hasn't got posted here yet. So there it goes, The Son of Man! When you look at it, you can't help but get curious of the face, of how he looks like, right? But I guess it'll remain covered by that apple. You can only imagine, it's all up to you.

The Son of Man, 1964

Decorative Art: Ornamental Carp III

I like this one. Feels like you're underwater. When I dive, I like making bubbles and opening my eyes to see them. Love those moments when you don't hear the usual noise of the world but just some bubbles underneath. Precious! Wish to do that again.

Ornamental Carp III

Photography: Hang in There

This is sooo cute. Today, got to let go of my stuff toys. It's time. Mixed feelings of sadness and happiness. I'm sad because they were really a company the past years but it's okay I know that some children will be so happy to have them. They'll go to a day care center and that kind of eased my mind.

Hang in There

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vintage Art: American Crescent Cycles

Wow! Where do I start? The gorgeous hair, the lovely yellow dress or the beautiful flowers? Love this print! And come to think of it, it's actually about cycles lol! Miss biking really. I don't look this gorgeous when I ride bike but it's something I really enjoy. I love all my biking moments, even the falling down moments. You learn how to endure pains, get up and pedal again :-).

American Crescent Cycles

Fine Art: Sunrise, 1965

Yep sunshine! It's been very sunny these days. Loves it! And it's also getting warmer. I think in one week it'll be officially Spring. It's about damn time! Gosh got so frozen from this winter. I guess it's time for me to defroze. Will have a lovely afternoon later in the city. Get some fresh air and sunlight. Missing the touch of the ray on my skin :-).

Sunrise, 1965

Decorative Art: I Think Therefore I Am

I think therefore I am. If one's not able to think, this statement won't even exist so must have been thought by someone who does double thinking, first thought and second thought. Hm, lots of thinking here. Did I confuse you there? Anyway, I love to think. Sometimes I think too much. Could be good and also could be bad. Hard to find a balance but I'm trying.

I Think Therefore I Am

Photography: Singer and Actress Barbra Streisand

Wow, she still looks very young here but actually aside from some wrinkles, her face didn't really change a lot. One of those lucky ones to age gracefully. I guess most of us wish for that but how? I know the answers and you also know too, just some basics but always hard to do.

Singer and Actress Barbra Streisand Holding Small Dog in Her Arms

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vintage Art: Tahiti

On my list to visit. It's for sure some place I would love to spend some relaxing days. Looking at this print, forget about the girl, I'm going for the fruits haha! Miss tropical fruits. I do get them here too but I love it when they're always accessible. Just googled some Tahiti photos, wah gorgeous place. Wanna go!


Fine Art: The Bedroom at Arles, c.1887

I've been looking for this one but I thought ah I'll find it soon but it's actually been a while :-). Just looking at the bed makes me feel sleepy, yawn. I like the room, looks very cozy. I have a talent of making spaces cozy. It's making it always hard to leave like now.

The Bedroom at Arles, c.1887

Decorative Art: Celebratory Whim

There are lots to celebrate. First, weather looks really great (chilly but sun is shining). Second, it's not gonna be that busy week than I thought (still busy but not that bad). Lastly, things are working just fine (less stress than how I imagined it to be). Cheers to all that!

Celebratory Whim