Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vintage Art: Vina Cousino Magul

I love the color of her dress, matches her hair ;-)! Yellow is back, seems to be the trend lately. I wore one (just a shirt) last summer and it was my first time to wear yellow after a very long time (like 13 years ago). I had liked it so much, as if I was radiating sun rays, hehe. If you can't get enough sun, be the sun! Is that a bit ambitious :-)?

Vina Cousino Magul


Lisa said...

I can never seem to get enough sun, maybe thats why I paint with so much yellow maybe : )

Art Lover said...


Anonymous said...

Nice print, thanks for stopping by too! :)

Asta said...

Hi there,

Very beautiful poster. I love yellow as well. It reminds me of summer and everything good in this life-:)

Best regards

Art Lover said...

caroline & asta: thanks for stopping by!