Friday, November 28, 2008

Fine Art: Woman with Book

Is she trying to seduce or read a book? Lol! Just wanna talk about books anyway :-). I learned to love reading books because of my hubby who always reads Terry Pratchett. I only read his books actually. I love his imagination (he came up with a world called Discworld - a flat disc carried on the back of 4 elephants which are on top of a giant turtle). But the best is the humor! I could laugh the whole day (Pratchett is British by the way).

Woman with Book


Iris said...

Well if you tip the picture to the right it looks like she's laying on her back and reading a book. I've done this a time or two but it doesn't take long to realize why it's highly impractical. Gravity is not your friend at that angle and you can see that "the girls" have a tendency to slip out. Or at least that's my interpretation of this piece. I could very likely be wrong. ;)

Giggles said...

Love it either way, and reading too!

Art Lover said...

Iris, she's leaning to that side but the girls are going to a different direction, lol! Picasso tried to defy gravity :-).