Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vintage Art: Blueberries Just Picked

I like them in my yoghurt, I don't know maybe because of the color :-). I haven't tried blueberries fresh, I don't normally try when they come exotic to me and my hubby doesn't eat them :-). But maybe one day. So there's a blueberry pie? I've got to try this one, that's always something my man can never resist :-).

Blueberries Just Picked


ap said...

well, so far I've liked any cake you cooked, so bring on the blueberry pie.

Although if I have a choice, I'd settle for apple pie. Just not now, having plenty of pancakes around. Ah, life! :D

SCL said...

Many thanks for the follow on my blog - and look forward to seeing more of your lovely mix of subject matter

Steve (My Dog Ate Art)