Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vintage Art: Havanita

So this is an ad for matches? Ahm, what's with the bus in the background, am a bit confused, lol! One match could light up a bus, something like that? Lol! Anyway, like the combination of colors and the pose of the lady on the match box. Had a great day, been laughing a lot, hope you too!



ap said...

k, here's my interpretation, since you asked for it :)

The brand name is "havanita", sounds cuban to me, so it's hot there. She's actually in the desert, waiting for the bus. She's all alone, and there's no one else in the bus, plus being in a lonely desert, sounds like a dangerous situation to me. Dangerous like matches, so good that they're "safety matches".

I wonder if you can over-interpret a picture and the artist actually just liked how the matchbox integrates with the scenery. Hm ;D

Art Lover said...

typical ap's interpretation, very long, lol!