Saturday, December 13, 2008

Decorative Art: Funky Chickens

I love the works from this particular artist. This is how I like to see game graphics; cute and colorful :-). I haven't been playing for like eternity and since I grew up with Nintendo (the one with the cartridge), I would really like to be back playing one day with some cute graphics like before. Not much of a fan of 3-dimensional games.

Funky Chickens


Iris said...

The Hubby and I still have a working Nintendo like the one you speak of. AND a working Atari. lol. We're game collector nuts. I miss the cutesy games of yesteryear but I'm also currently hooked (HOOKED!) on the new Tomb Raider game for X-Box360. Can't say that I've spotted any chickens in it though. ;)

Art Lover said...

our nintendo was long time ago gone. hubby had an atari too but got sold when he got his pc :-). we don't actually have something now because once we get started, there won't be stopping anymore. it's bad enough with some online games, hehe! but one day, maybe a wii, heard they have some cute and colorful... hm, maybe chickens ;).

Giggles said...

We still have an old school ninetendo that we play....dr mario being my all time favorite. I don't like the the 3d graphics either! It's traditional to play it at Christmas! I should blog about that! Thanks for the reminder!

Hugs Giggles