Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vintage Art: London Underground, Bicyclism

We really missed to visit museums when we were in London. We just didn't have enough time. Science Museum would be an instant favorite of my hubby who likes everything scientific, lol! Ah, I think this is now The Natural History & Science Museums. When our tour bus passed by it, the guide said that this is paticularly perfect for kids, there are buttons that you can push and something would happen. Hah, my hubby got excited upon hearing that, lol! Peace ap!

London Underground, Bicyclisim


ap said...

K, we have to make it back some day to London, so we can catch up on the museums. Science would really be my favourite, true :)

Sanghi said...

Amazing collection! Visit my site and also i'v added you in my blog.

Michele Reed said...

We feel the same about London...way too many great places to explore that we had to pass up for lack of time...we did spent a good half-day at the British Museum...mostly in the Egyptian areas....and then three later? We were in Victoria, BC at an exhibit there..of guess what? A collection of Egyptian artifacts on loan from the British had followed us. ;)