Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm Back!

I've been browsing my blog lately and realized my last post was still from February. It's been abandoned for quite a while now. But I'm surprised to see some visitors dropping by, leaving comments how they really like the blog. Thank you! Always makes my heart swell :-).

I remember how I got really weak early this year. I needed to take a rest so I had a very long and relaxing holiday. That definitely did me good. Now I'm back trying to adjust still but I think I'm healing. Been to the city lately and seen some postcards with fine art prints. I recognized easily the prints I featured here. That made me miss my blog more! So I thought of restarting slowly. Yeah so I'm back, you like it or not :-)!


ap said...

Welcome back! You just really see the effect you have on people when you're not there and everyone misses you :)

Nina E J said...

I'm excited for the future blogs!