Friday, October 16, 2009

Vintage Art: Zodiac

I'm not really into zodiacs but this reminds me of a friend who was so into it. And ah it also reminds me of my hubby's Pisces keychain when I had to remove that something sticking on it. Yeah schatz if you're reading this... You have a sensitive nature and make a compassionate friend (you bet). You are ruled by your emotions and your great imagination. You are incurable romantic (gosh) who loves to be in love, intuitively understanding your partner's needs (that's got to be me). You sometimes let others take advantage of your generosity (wutt???), but your vision of the world as it should be is a shining example to others (fighting!).


1 comment:

ap said...

hahahaha! Well I definitely understand my partner's needs (fulfillment is lacking the capacity still a bit though, but working on that), and I got much better on the taking advantage part (thanks, it's an old keychain).