Monday, November 9, 2009

Fine Art: Cantiques IV

I always find the works of Chagall (at least the one I've already seen) romantic. This one shows a newly wed couple being carried away from the crowd by a flying horse. Take note, flying horse! Not a pumpkin carriage or a vintage Rolls Royce. I've also read some of Chagall's famous quotes and he seemed to be mentioning love a lot. Well you can really see in his works.

Cantiques IV


ap said...

flying horse reminds me of pegasus from the greek mythology. in the disney version, trusty but stoopid friend of hercules. hm, guess that spoiled the romantic idea somewhat for me :)

Art Lover said...

lol, think of it the chagall way, that'll turn it into a valiant, flying donkey, ahm steed.

ap said...

you might have seen a housefly, you might have even seen a dragonfly, but have you ever seen a donkeyfly?