Friday, November 6, 2009

Fine Art: A Mermaid, 1900

I'm a huge fan of stories, they could be about giants, dwarfs, elves, prince, princesses and yeah mermaids, I love them all. A story especially a good one is a world of its own. You enter it at your own risk ;-), you get fascinated with what's inside, curious until you realize you're believing in them. Ok, I'm not that far yet, maybe just up to the fascination part, hehe. And why mermaids? Because they're gorgeous!

A Mermaid, 1900


jayde said...

i love browsing at your site, it's such an eye candy:) it's visually enticing.try going to, they have great artworks there too. good day:)

Art Lover said...

hey thank you! following your site too but you somehow disabled your comments. thanks for the candy link, i'm on follow :-).