Friday, January 22, 2010

Photography: Girl's Best Friend

This is a very lovely photo! Cute little girl with such a friendly-looking doggie. At this age, one is still innocent, you've got no fear from being with animals. You just like petting them even probably the craziest animal in the zoo. When I was little, I had that imagination of being happy and endlessly play with animals until I was chased by a goat and got stuck at a tree. Then followed by being attacked by a mother duck and hen after an attempt of cutifying the ducklings and chicks. Also got chased by the dog of my aunt from a simple misunderstanding. Ah but I still love animals even if they don't consider me their best friend :-).

Girl's Best Friend

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COCAMIA said...

Oh my! I have my share of experiences with animals as a young girl too! I love animals too! And this image is precious!