Sunday, December 7, 2008

Decorative Art: Parrot Family

My hubby just seen a really big bird (parrot-looking like) today. He was out to bring the garbage and the bird was making sound at the nearby tree. He went back inside to get the camera so he could show me a photo but unfortunately, it flew away. Actually, I asked him why he didn't call me. Hah, he wanted to impress me with his photography skill :-). That bird could have escaped from the nearby zoo, we're living close to it.

Parrot Family


ap said...

Well, stupid bird, there it sat all the time while I was out, being noisy, and as soon as I got the cam, it went off. Would have been a nice shot, a big green parrot in a leafless tree in winter. Na, maybe I'll see it again and get another chance.

nina kuriloff said...

the use of color here is fabulous.