Sunday, December 7, 2008

Photography: Penguin and Chick

It's always interesting to observe children especially when they're at this stage trying to imitate adults around them. Like wearing mama's shoes or mama's makeup for example :-). I had that stage too, I was very observant. There were things I didn't understand but I would imitate anyway, not necessarily putting on makeup but something like brooming with one hand holding the chest area. Later on I realized that it's for girls who are wearing loose shirts, would hold that part so not to expose something when they're bending to broom, lol!

Penguin and Chick


Bev's Jewelry said...

I love this picture. This morning our choir director's son (about 3 years old) was sitting with a friend and gave a perfect imitation of his Mom directing while she was directing. Complete with hand motions to sing louder and speed up. He was in perfect time too. Wish I had a camera.

Art Lover said...

They're really cute when they do that :-)!

nina kuriloff said...

a very cute image!